a breather

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on a breather from this bonus day i watch the long-awaited snow show up. it falls in stop-motion frames, posing perhaps for my photo, which never turns out and isn’t worth sharing at all. per the plan, i was to be airborne, convention-bound by 8am. instead i was given a bonus day: to eat one more home-breakfast, enjoy one more slow work day alone, squeeze in one more sleep perchance to feel a bit more peace before leaving once more. i snatch them up: twenty-four extra bunches of sixty-minute bouquets, sweet with seconds that would otherwise be frozen by the snow – heavy, wet, and hardly worth the mess – a welcome surprise.


a late just write contribution.


  1. AWESOME! You gotta love it when you can’t do anything about it! I’m glad for you!

  2. i love how you described the extra day as “twenty-four extra bunches of sixty-minute bouquets” ! :)

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