About Comercial Tanning Beds

What is a Commercial Tanning Mattress?

If you are seeking to put money into a Tanning salon then you will need to purchase a number of business tanning beds. A industrial tanning mattress isn't the same as your in-home shopper tanning bed and there are at the very least completely different types to choose from.

What's a Business Tanning Mattress?

A industrial tanning mattress is a tanning unit that's designed to resist the constant demands placed on it by repeatable use. In contrast to a house unit these business tanning beds shall be used a number of times a day. Industrial is mostly more highly effective for example if a house tanning mattress has the same number of lamps, for instance 24, then the voltage may be lower. Industrial tanning beds will usually use a 220v not like the home model which will tend to use 110v.

Are there Different Types?

A industrial tanning mattress will be found in types. You have your typical tanning bed where you lay down throughout your tanning session. Then you have got an upright unit additionally referred to as a stand-up industrial tanning bed. Any such unit gives you the ability to face during your tanning session which tends to run round 8 min. This fashion additionally provides you the choice of including a dressing room to it so you possibly can undress and tan all in the same unit.

The Benefits of Using a Business Tanning Bed

Ask any dermatologist what is the worst factor you can do to your pores and skin and they will let you know exposing your skin to the solar's UV rays. By using a business tanning mattress you may get pores and skin that appears solar-kissed without the need to expose yourself to the injury that tanning in the solar can do.

By using a business tanning mattress can even save you time. Not like laying in the hot solar for hours, each tanning session on a business tanning mattress will only run from eight minutes to 15 minutes. The time for each session relies upon upon what number of lamps are on the tanning bed and what number of watts are generated in the course of the session. So getting wealthy wanting pores and skin can actually be accomplished during a lunch hour or quickly after work on your means home.

Does a Commercial Tanning Mattress Come With a Warranty?

Virtually every manufacture affords a warranty. The business normal appears to be a 90-day on lamps, parts and labor. Then you've got an extra 5 12 months restricted warranty for manufacturing defects. Some manufactures cowl different prices comparable to an prolonged labor-only warranty for the first 6 months.

Is their Financing Out there for a Commercial Tanning Mattress?

Sure there may be financing available. Virtually each manufacture offers financing for his or her tanning beds. Most supply a lease with an non-obligatory buy out at the end. This is a great technique to go as a result of that you must solely come up with a first, final and safety payment which is normally a really small payment. Then on the finish of the leasing interval you sometimes have a greenback buy out which implies your last payment shall be for $1 and the business tanning mattress is now yours.