about abby

hello there. i’m abby. welcome to my internet home.

here you’ll find the words of a rambling, twenty-something artist in recovery. the walls of this digital den are papered in stories of sisterhood and soul-searching, of my city nashville and beyond.

wander into the kitchen and you’ll find good food and a messy counter. in the sunroom there’s always music on. you can dance and eat and stay awhile, paint the walls with your fingers, and spill wine on the floor. we can laugh so loud the neighbors call the cops, then invite them in for a round of iPod karaoke.

out in the backyard, questions grow like wildflowers. i never learned to garden, so they spread and bloom and die and feed the next round of answerless art. i clip a few and plant them in milkglass to remind me of the hard work that is this growing up business. i love the smell of fresh revelation.

i’m not making any sense, but that’s kind of the point.
i’m asking questions i can’t answer, and writing through the mess.
thanks for coming to visit.

mi casa es su casa.


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