gathered thoughts: on wanting

my friends chris ann and kristin have a gift for finding beautiful things everywhere they go. lucky for us, they are kind enough to share their finds with us through their online boutique: they curate the most beautiful gifts – from velvet pumpkins to lucite antlers to vintage jewelry – and share inspiration for hosting wonderful moments around the table on their blog. 

i fell in love with their gathered thoughts cards a few years ago, and i am so thrilled they are again hosting a link up of posts inspired by the cards.


imagine a box of trivial pursuit cards (or whatever the kids are playing these days), but instead of questions about star trek or king tut, the beautiful box is filled with inspiring quotes from people around the world – perfect for conversation starters at a dinner party, gift tags, or – my personal favorite – writing prompts.

because the lovefeast girls are such kind and gracious hosts, they’re throwing a little gathered thoughts party over on their blog this week – inviting you to participate as a writer, a reader, or just a thinker of many scattered thoughts. check it out:

Gathered Thoughts Party - March 24-31, 2014: You are invited to link up a Gathered Thoughts post at the LoveFeast Table Gathered Thoughts Link Party to win a 365 Gathered Thoughts Box of your own. Or leave a comment to win a set of spiral journal notebooks.  The Gathered Thoughts Cards and Gathered Thoughts Box are available for purchase at the online boutique, LoveFeast Shop ~ a curated shop of gifts & home decor finds.  Email LoveFeast Table to receive a writing prompt of your own.  

when my own gathered thoughts bundle arrived last month, i flipped through each card like it was written in invisible ink. i inhaled each set of words, flipping quickly to the next, and then repeating the whole set again and again. i love a pinnable graphic quote as much as the next girl, but the weight of words printed on handcrafted paper in my hands makes it all the more tangible, more pressing, more real.  i could easily imagine the friend i wanted to share each quote with – slipping it in a card to mail across the country, or setting it at a place setting next time i host friends for dinner.

these words jumped out at me on the second or third round of reading . . .

“there are always flowers
for those who want to see them.”
- henri matisse

that the french master of color would share such a simple view on beauty and desire inspired this short piece:

wantingwish photo source

if asked today for the power of your picking,
would you still choose to fly? to be invisible?
to never know weakness or sickness or death?

keep your resurrection stone and give me fire in the belly.
give me all the want in the well, an antidote
for apathy to last me through my days.

stop and smell and tiptoe through whatever beauty you
step in. i’ll be here, wanting without reservation
to know what i desire, to give it a name,
to see it sprout where seed was scattered wide,
before it’s time at last  - to bloom.

p.s. i first participated in this link up two years ago! step into that time capsule here.

root and rebound


i’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Rilke wrote his letters to a young poet without high hopes that they would someday be printed in romantic fonts over images of small girls at the edge of the sea, then pinned into obscurity in collections titled “wise words . . . remember this.”

yet out here on my limb, trembling to keep balance, i hang on every word.

in ballet they tell you to jump from your feet, that all is balance, the force you exert downward is what sends you sky-high. the more hard work you do to root yourself into the floor, the stronger your rebound can be.

root and rebound.

i’ve spent the last month practicing this, rooting into home like a burrowing beast on high-alert. the farther i press into the things i know, love, and crave, the more buoyed i feel for the rebound outward. and suddenly, i’m ready to jump.

this round of jumping looks like: my first international flight, a week in london, one great book, a wander-to-wonder agenda, and time at tea with a dear sister-friend. i’m leaving my computer at home. srsly.

here’s to leaving the limb, living the questions, and sharing a million pictures along the way . . . maybe even a few with romantic fonts and quotes turned cliché for good measure.

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