in my august time away, i wrote more lists than lines, and still it was good.

i rearranged homes and pictures and plans and habits and with its end, i feel the weight of busy behind me, replaced by the refreshing thought of what’s ahead. as i continue to get my feet under me and my existential house in order, it feels more meaningful and less manic, and i’ll take that every time.

september is here and she brings with her many suitcases and plane tickets and adventures in my real, walking around life. here in my online existence, i’m still working out the logistics of some rearranging in keeping with my general itch to spruce up my surroundings as the seasons change.

some people set resolutions in january or clean out their closets in may. i choose autumn for settling into what i want from the year, and lately i feel fall searching for me.

last night i stuck my left hand out the window of my sister’s backseat, testing the wind for a hint of crisp air. it was a muggy night, but there it was – validation that the long summer would in fact end. i felt all manner of outerwear quake from my closet. my sweaters and my self – both anxious to greet fall and all her promises.

some steinbeck for your weekend

“Sometimes a kind of glory lights up the mind of a man.
It happens to nearly everyone.
You can feel it growing or preparing like a fuse
burning toward dynamite.

“It is a feeling in the stomach,
a delight of the nerves, of the forearms.
The skin tastes the air,
and every deep-drawn breath is sweet.

“Its beginning has the pleasure of a great
stretching yawn; it flashes
in the brain and the whole world glows
outside your eyes.”

// i’m slow-reading steinbeck’s east of eden with a group of friends,
and i think i’m a little high on the beauty.
it’s not too late to join us.
just pick up a copy and read a few pages, a chapter maybe, a day,
really soaking it in and enjoying the good, well-crafted story word-by-word.
let me know if you’re in, and we’ll teach you the secret handshake. //

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