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i started this week a bit worn out, on the heels of a quick trip to the midwest. it was a good tired, and one i earned well. in my whirlwind trip home, i wandered through a bowling alley full of freshmen to find one sister at her first high school event and soon found myself hanging out the sunroof of the family accord yelling for the other at the indianapolis airport.

they both laughed. i won.
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this is the moving sidewalk in the detroit airport. i stopped by yesterday en route to the midwest to join my family for a funeral. isn’t it lovely? so strange yet inviting. it captured my mood so perfectly, i have little else to add.

while it’s a sad occasion bringing us together, i know it will hold great servings of joy as we remember grandma pat. i will laugh – a lot – with my sisters as we re-remember our many adventures by her side. i think that’s the only way to really celebrate a life, and i’m so grateful to be here to do that for her.

may your weekend be full of the kind of stories worth telling again and again and again …

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