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this week’s dress for the day story comes from the fabulous arianne of to think is to create.

her post last week was a perfect example of the power we each have to tell our story – to the world and ourselves – with the clothes we choose to wear.

dress for the day you want to have,
not the one that’s trying to have you.

today and every wednesday, i invite you to link arms, blogs, and instagrams in solidarity. here’s to setting the tone for the days we desire with the clothes we pull from the closet!


Last week was so encouraging for me when I posted my Dress For The Day pictures, and you all caught me mid-air in a cloud of amazing support and told me I’d be ok. I confessed to you that I have body issues, that I’m working through them, but I’m still working. Present tense.

And you all flocked in, one by one, encouraging me, sharing your own stories of growth and brokenness and the healing in between. It was absolutely beautiful.

So maybe you’ll understand when I tell you something.

This week was even harder.

I somehow accidentally saw pictures of myself a month ago. I’ve even lost a bit of weight since then, so I know it’s “better now”, but still these photos sortof wrecked my carefully stacked resolve to feel happy with where I’m at and hopeful about where I’m headed. I remember at the time those photos were taken feeling good about my outfit, I felt put together. I didn’t feel the way (I thought) I appeared in the photos.

Suddenly I’d taken 10 steps backwards. I wanted to hide again, to be invisible again. And then I thought about real problems in the world, who am I to make such a big emotional deal about my appearance, and felt the shame cycle starting all over again.

But then.

I felt God balming it all. Saying, “you are redeemed. You are made new. I see the inside, focus on that, let me work on the outside.

So I pulled out some new red lipstick.

And told my brain to stop whirling. And decided to dress for the day I wanted to have.

It’s not going to all be perfect overnight. I think that everyone has heard that a time or twenty.

But it can certainly be a red lipstick kinda day.

This outfit made me feel comfy and like Fall was really here. I bought this striped maxi skirt at Target in the maternity section with zero apologies. It’s comfy and cut WELL for my body shape right now. Who really cares what the label says! I’ve also been experimenting with belting shirts to accent my waist and I’m liking it (I think). I used to think the belt drew attention, but really it just highlights the positive – I actually have a pretty defined waist in there somewhere!

And I would like to introduce you to the red lip. This was the second time I’d bedazzled the smackers in this way — and seriously people. It gives you a KICK in your step! Go find a color that looks good and wear it out and see how you feel!

And just for fun, I have to share this funny picture. This is me when my husband told me to do “fierce” — I think I just look mad! Related: this is another fun way to style this outfit. You’re welcome.

What fun things did you wear this week?

**style info**

boyfriend T :: Target (similar)
striped maxi skirt :: Target (similar)
leopard shoes :: Target
hand painted necklace :: vintage (similar)
favorite scarf/shawl :: Free People (similar)

if you’re into buttons, feel free to grab this one, and link up a post or a photo that tells your story below. feel free to link up anytime during the week, and look for a new dress for the day story each wednesday. even if you don’t link up – join me throughout the week on twinstagram (twitter +instagram) by using this hashtag:



  1. I wish I could start doing this. My body issues are running rampant and I just can’t seem to do it. Until I can, I will continue to live vicariously through you beautiful ladies.

    • there are levels, right? you can do what you can do and feel good about it. i hope you find a way TODAY to do something that makes you feel like you’re taking a step toward that joy in your own skin. maybe it’s red lips? thank you for being here. love you, kim!

    • Kim! Start small, maybe just post a running outfit or some cute shoes or something? I want to see YOU. If I can do this, anyone can. Seriously!

  2. Hey! I have that skirt for feeling-good purposes, too! Though, in my case, I use it to make me look tall. And I like the way the flowiness feels when I stop around work.

  3. Arianne is beautiful inside and out! The idea of dressing for the day we want to have is so intriguing. I am definitely challenged in that area.Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. I love the red lip, and what it can do for a mood. I love the chunky scarf and how it says, hey, I’m not trying too hard (re: red lip), but I know I’ve got this. I love the unabashed awesomeness of leopard anything, and how it shouts, that’s right. Totally rad.

  5. I love it! And nothing wrong with shopping in the maternity section anytime in life. So many times I noticed the clothes in that section seem to be a lot cuter. It it fits great and feels great, who cares where it comes from?

  6. Okay, Ari should wear red lipstick EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! Also, the maxi skirt is adorable. I love EVERYTHING about this outfit and post. RAWR!!!

  7. Yes! I didn’t get mine in the maternity section, but over near juniors (they had an almost identical one in royal blue there), and I was worried about it for a while. But when I put it on, the fit was so flattering.

  8. Arianne, you look gorgeous! I love that skirt and think the belt is perfect. I am in awe of your red lips. Lipstick makes me nervous and feel not like myself but I love seeing other people rock it out. Next time we hang out, you’ll have to give me tips and tell me which color to try. Eek!

    P.S. The Fierce Look is awesome!!

  9. I love your skirt! I have a similar one with black and white stripes. I know how you feel. I went out for my birthday a few weeks ago and felt really beautiful and the pics I took of our girl’s night out were ok because I know just how to hold the camera so it hides my chins but the ones the others took made me feel like it was useless to try if that’s how I really look. But you’re right, I am a work in progress and it helps to know I’m not alone. Thanks for your vulnerability and honesty, I’ve seldom met an inspiring, beautiful woman who struggles like I do. Maybe I need to go find me some red lips!

  10. I adore your red lipstick, and I shall be donning some this evening for date night(only recently got the red lip thing…I love it!).

  11. There are no words for how much I love this. And Arianne, you DO look fierce, in the best possible way.

    I’m totally going to play today – but I have to have someone take my picture. Who wants to come over?!?

  12. You look absolutely stunning! With your dark hair and blue eyes (<3!) the red lipstick is breath-taking!

  13. Ari, you are so crazy gorgeous! I buy items in the Target maternity section unapologetically. Stretchy fabric is awesome! And can I get some red lipstick tips? I am clueless about makeup, but I’d really like to wear red lipstick every once in a while. I have no idea where to start, though.

    • My fav lipstick is hot passion by covergirl. It’s so potent, I apply it lightly and tone it down with gloss. It would be nice if they came out with a Natureluxe version.

  14. I think you look absolutely gorgeous!!!! I have body issues too, and I understand what you’re going through, BUT you don’t see yourself the way others see you, and I personally think you are rockin’ that outfit! You are beautiful!! And you’ve given me a lot of great ideas for an outfit or two.

  15. Dark hair and red lips FTW! Two of my absolute favs! You are gorgeous!

  16. I am most definitely going to wear my red lipstick at least four times this week in solidarity with ALL of you lovely ladies! Yippee!

  17. Missy Cox says:

    I hate pictures! I can feel good and then look at the picture and think REALLY!!! I have avoided them for years. I have even cried after seeing them :(

    I think you look great in your skirt! You can see a real sparkle in your eyes. I love to see that in people! This is a great concept. I think i may try it myself!

  18. I can’t tell you how nice it is to see that I’m not the only non-pregnant girl shopping in the maternity section – heck it’s the only stuff that fits me from Target – at least the only stylish stuff that I can fit there. Also I LOVE the boyfriend tees from Target too… I just need to find peace with my belly and stop wearing such overly loose clothing – it’s so hard! You look beautiful and confident!!


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