dress for the day: hall-o-whoops

welcome to a special halloween edition of our weekly exercise in saying:

dress for the day you want to have,
not the one that’s trying to have you.

today and every wednesday, i invite you to link arms, blogs, and instagrams in solidarity. here’s to setting the tone for the days we desire with the clothes we pull from the closet!

guess what i am for halloween today?

i’m a zombie!
but not really.

*cue intervention calls . . . too. much. walking. dead.*

please don’t destroy my brain.

it’s possible that i actually forgot that dress for the day would fall on halloween when i took pictures this week. this is a real shame, for several reasons:

  1. i’ve been known to write editorial columns for college papers on the benefits of getting into the halloween spirit.
  2. my friend elizabeth reminded me weeks ago.
  3. is there any more perfectly obvious application of dress for the day than a holiday all about dressing up as who you want to be?

i’m trying hard to forgive myself, here. maybe, just maybe, i was too distracted by my love of this layering weather and was busy taking full advantage by wearing all the textures at once.

corduroy, denim, houndstooth sweater, opaque tights, wool socks, leather boots, glee!

while the zombie getup was all picmonkey’s doing, there have been days lately when i felt a little undead around the edges. i took a nap yesterday, before breakfast, and was still somewhat fried all day. days like those, it’s extra hard to get out of my sweatpants and into something i like.

when i feel this way, i have to ask myself:

what would a zombie do?

then i do the opposite of that thing.

because i live in the land of the living. a land full of beautiful details like shoulder buttons and sun glare, and layers, and leaves, and putting together an outfit that makes me feel just that – alive.

little friends who say “cheeeeeeeese” also come in handy.

do you use texture to add life to your wardrobe?
how can you un-zombie your style spirit today?

if you’re into buttons, feel free to grab this one, and link up a post or a photo that tells your story below. feel free to link up anytime during the week, and look for a new dress for the day story each wednesday. even if you don’t link up – join me throughout the week on twinstagram (twitter +instagram) by using this hashtag:



  1. Dearest Abby. As always I love your style!! And miles at the end….perfect:))

  2. what would a zombie do? haha I love it! and I really do love your motto and link up each week… it makes me happy to think about!! Thank you!

  3. Great outfit! Zombies haven’t ever been in my thoughts while getting dressed, but I just might have to change this. I love your idea behind this and linked up today! :)

  4. What would a zombie do? Please slap that on a bracelet ASAP. I’m loving the layers. We have similar inspiration when it comes to fall attire.

  5. You crack me up.

  6. You’re freaking rad.

  7. That’s the hottest zombie I’ve ever seen!

    But ummm…as far as the outfit goes, I’ll take one of everything! I love the way all the textures work together, and I must have a houndstooth sweater!

    • thanks jennae! the sweater is from the GAP. i grabbed it when they had a cardholders sale, but i’m sure they still have it. get you one :).

  8. curly2880 says:
  9. emmaleighrose says:

    pic number 3 has me smiling ear to ear. that bun :)

  10. I just found you and linked up! Thank you for hosting.



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