dress for the day: mirror magic

i had this thought one morning – that the clothes i choose set the tone for my day.
it inspired a bit of a fashion mantra:

dress for the day you want to have,
not the one that’s trying to have you.

today and every wednesday, i invite you to link arms, blogs, and instagrams in solidarity.
here’s to saying something we can’t take back.


this little idea is really scaring me . . .

the way it’s rooting deep in people and bringing beauty to the surface.
people like ari and angie and others who have been hiding in skin they don’t feel like they can own.

this is about clothes and style and trying new things and being brave and doing days on purpose.

but it’s also about so much more than clothes.

i feel completely and utterly unqualified to light this fire of self-worth revival,
but it’s waaaaaaaaaay too late.
i dropped the match and i’m afraid to stamp it out in these booties i love so much.

so i carry on despite my insecurities . . . and share a secret with you this week.

do you know about the magic mirror tilt?
the way that cheap mirror you bought at target for your dorm room can be transformed into a mindset-shifting portal to awesomeness?

well, let me enlighten you.

by propping my mirror with the bottom a few inches from the wall, the subject – ME! – looks taller & thinner than a mirror flat against the wall would suggest.

do i know that this is a false representation of myself?
sure. i can see the slight difference in, oh, everyothermirrorintheworld.

do i care?

to me a mirror serves two purposes:

  1. to make sure i don’t have anything in my teeth, stuck to my shoe, or coming out where it’s not supposed to,
  2. and to set the record playing in my head to a positive tune for my day.

because what others notice first is how i feel about myself.

and if it takes a little mirror magic to put an extra dose of confidence in how i carry myself, i think that’s worth it every time.

so before i start my day, i make sure my last look is in that magic mirror. i pick something i like about myself today, even if no one else will see it. red lips, a favorite necklace, the collar on a new plaid shirt . . . and that’s the picture i play in my head.

there’s a beauty worth reflecting in you, too.
share it with us.

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  1. I just want to say that your smile in these photos brightened my whole day.


    And it’s true. Confidence is the best thing we put on. (You just inspired me.) (Again.)

    • thanks kelly! i almost didn’t include that one, but i’m trying to be the real me. y’all bring it out in me :)

  3. Love love love this!!! Thank you for your thoughts this morning…

  4. Yep. But you already knew that about my mirror.

  5. I like you, boo! ; )

  6. Love this. Love you.

  7. http://instagram.com/p/Q46NbqIQaq/ Here I am to be with you!!! :)

  8. emmaleighrose says:

    you are so brave and wise big sis :) i love these words, that bun, and those eyes!!

  9. Ha! I’ve got a tilty mirror too – and I just avoid looking in all other mirrors! I also throw out all bad photos of me. I love that last pic of you!

  10. “Because what others notice first is how i feel about myself.”

    THIS is why I take self-portraits sometimes when I feel pretty, because as an introvert, I need to notice how I feel about myself. It’s a revolution for sure, Abby. Love. This.

    • YES – i think selfies are so important for affirming self-esteem – and that it is OKAY to say “i like this picture of me!!” thanks for reminding me again.

  11. I think it works tilting it either way, the mirror on my dresser has the top tilted forward and it makes me feel great too! I love your call to action on how we define the use of a mirror. Damn. That’s good stuff.

    (love you)

  12. AHHHHHHRHRHRHRRRRG! I missed it again! Mostly because I’m buried beneath boxes and boxes and boxes and then suddenly I was like, what? It’s Wednesday? Next week. Next week.
    Anyway, I love your outfit. The top is adorable. The shoes are adorable. Lovely. Alll.

  13. Oh how I love this. Not sure where to find room for a magic mirror but a magic mirror I must have. I avoid the scale, I do side swept glances at myself when leaving to double check for the spinach in teeth, or undies showing, double checks but those are quick and do not bolster me, yet meant to protect me. I want to be lifted however intentionally and false it is.

    But really, is it false? Because the “we” we see in the mirror is often so far below the “we” others see, giving ourselves a hand up, is just bring us back.


    • YES janet. i don’t believe it is a false image, but a glimpse of who other people see – not the paralyzing glare we often give the things we don’t like about our reflection.

      so glad you stopped by to remind me!

  14. I love this! Sometimes when I am unsure about an outfit I will snap a picture from my phone…in a flattering angle…to get me to that confidence! You are on to something girl! :)


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