dress for the day: sister style science

welcome to wednesday, where we say together in one united states voice:

dress for the day you want to have,
not the one that’s trying to have you.

today and every wednesday, i invite you to link arms, blogs, and instagrams in solidarity. here’s to setting the tone for the days we desire with the clothes we pull from the closet!

i got to spend some time this weekend with my youngest sister elena. lucky, lucky me.

with 11 years and a sister between us, it’s not often that we get to eat and shop and ride in the car and sleep in the hotel and just be the two bookend sisters together.

she helped me pick out this sweater, complete with jack rabbits, at a store i never would have thought to shop in at thirteen.

as we shopped away time between her soccer games, i noticed something significant about the two of us, and i’d like to submit some photographic evidence to support my theory.

this is elena in year 13 of her life:


this is me at the same age:


now i might be blinded from the glare of those braces, but i think i see a style baton being passed on to the younger generation that wasn’t available to the first.

maybe it’s just that at this moment, what she’s wearing is so on trend and fantastic, that we’ll look back and think of it with the same hilarious disdain i feel for that heart-made-of-hearts t-shirt. that could be true. we all think we’re doing it right in the moment, don’t we?

but i feel like there’s more on the table here. when elena told me that she and her friends talked about “dress for the day” like it was a thing apart from the blogosphere, i could tell that she meant it. i could tell that she was channeling all the anxiety that comes with growing up a girl into things she could feel good about. i could tell that she benefited from having two college-aged guardian-style-angels in her formative years.

i could also tell that she’s all sorts of fearless. she isn’t chained to one store like i was at thirteen, for fear of betraying the american eagle. she cares, just enough, about her appearance, and it seems she cares for the right reasons. for the way she feels in a shirt her sisters told her they loved or a necklace i got her for christmas from a shop her friends could never find online.

if all my awkward years dressing for all the wrong days taught me was how to pass on a different clothes-to-self-relationship to elena, then give me that heart-of-hearts t-shirt again and again.

in the meantime, in the now, i’ll be wearing the jack rabbit sweater she loved, and hopefully making her laugh her skinny little butt off.

what style secrets did you learn from your sisters or friends before you?
who makes you dress fearlessly?

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  1. love that madewell sweater! first time linking up and on your blog. found you through Kim at Lucy Jane. So glad i did!

    love your sister/style post. my sister (twins!) definitely have some stories about clothes/shopping/sharing…

    you and your sisters are beautiful!

  2. When I was 13, schools were just starting to allow girls to wear pants. The first day one of my friends wore pants, my science teacher had her stand and ridiculed her. He lost! In a few short years we all started to wear pants. By high school, I was wearing “farmer” jeans and carpenter pants to school every day.

    I think your concept is wonderful.

  3. So you and your sister are adorable. I totally agree though! As hard as it sounds… I feel like my sisters are the exact same way. When I was younger, I too was afraid of betraying that special little eagle… why? I have no idea. But my younger sisters are so much better than I and in a lot of ways are an incredible inspiration to me. Love love love this!! Makes me love my little sisters… Thank you!

  4. That sweater is so cute and fun! Love. Your sister is adorable. I agree she benefits from coming of age now vs. the 90s. Pictures of me at 13 feature neon, sky high bangs, and tight-rolled jeans. WHAT WERE WE THINKING?! I know our style will continue to evolve in the coming years and we’ll roll our eyes at the trends we love now but I believe my current look will forever trump the 90s.

  5. Oh, man…at 13, I pegged my pants, wore two pairs of socks and hyperglow tshirts. The late 80s were BRUTAL for fashion. With that said, I love nothing more than a good 80s dress up party! ; )

  6. Abby,
    I was a loyal eaglet too. On 90′s fashion: I absolutely rocked the multiple neon shoe laces, per each shoe. PLUS the curly-cue attachments. Who ever heard of the absurd notion of singular shoe laces back then? Please.
    Oh, and my ever-crimped hair. These two I remember most.

    Since I love when people answer questions:
    No female ever came to rescue me from awkward. I still cringe at the thought of my hair styling (or lack thereof).

    I’m not sure I dress fearlessly. I should work on this.

  7. Y’all are cute sisters! I’m sure that I didn’t have much of a sense of my own style at 13. It’s a hard age to be comfortable in your own skin. Your sister is lucky to have positive older sister influences!

  8. SO true and so sweet :) thanks for making be apart of your blog life! hehe :)

  9. It sounds like you share such a sweet bond with your sister! Cute sweater too! :)

  10. Thank you for posting a link to the necklaces. And thanks for being an awesome big sister who makes me kinda envious that I don’t have one.

  11. The whole thing just put a giant smile on my face. And y’all come from GOOD stock!

  12. I can’t believe you have a 13yo sister. That is just epic. I have a sister 8 yrs younger that went to fashion school…so, yeah. She has a special eye for these things that I definitely did not when I was that age.

    I absolutely loved this post. I love that your sister and her friends are talking about dress for the day. Amazing.

  13. Love the old school photos! I grew up with a dorky younger brother. He’s super cool now thanks to me:)


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