heart weeds

friends made fancy pizzas at last week’s dinner party. when the oven was finally shut off, we’d created and destroyed enough doughy goodness to feed ten times the people gathered ’round the wooden table. there were carpenter bees, which apparently don’t sting but are the biggest buzzing bullies, bumbling, bumping in to anything they can find. there were weeds in glass bottles with heart shaped leaves.

i nearly cried when i saw them.

for all my toiling, tilling, trying, i struggle to see the bloom. and now i have this picture right in my face. these heart-leaved weeds.

today, they get me.
if you need me, i’ll be planting weeds.



  1. They got me, too, a little this morning. Even just the picture of them. I guess we’re both a little fragile these days.

  2. I am right there with you Abby…tears and all!

  3. xo. You are lovely.

  4. Sounds like a WONDERFUL time.

    All too often, I struggle to see the bloom, too. I’m so glad that in spite of that, there are beautiful reminders like heart-shaped leaves existing there in the meantime!

  5. Abby, I love seeing the world through your eyes.

  6. Beautiful, Abby. Simply beautiful. I’m sure I would have nearly cried too.

  7. I would’ve cried with you and then danced a jig so we could cry-laugh. I love life with the Abby filter. <3

  8. lovely lovely lovely. I love these little things that make big things so much more clear.

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