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here are some of my recent favorite finds – recipients of my blisstastic

of the weekies


life-changer of the week:

this week’s weekies are brought to you by my bloggy birth-home, the blissdom conference.

the blissdom team is hosting a synchroblog this week, asking for stories of how their gathering of bloggers has changed those who attended. in response to their question, i ask you this:

have you ever felt as happy as this guy did when he discovered the double pack of cheese doodles he buried for himself on his trek across antarctica?

i came close once: when i was a part of a surprise flash mob performance of “party in the usa” at blissdom 2011. or maybe it was the time i laughed wine out my nose while oprah wet herself on paula deen’s trampoline at blissdom 2012. or the many times when i came face to face with these people i came to know online – real people who can dance (or not) and write like hell and encourage you to just do it already because we’re all tired of you tip-toeing around your dreams.

i stumbled into blissdom 2010 looking for mommy bloggers to market kid’s books to – and i found instead a community that has changed my life in the best and most ridiculous ways. they taught me to write online, and told me to keep doing it. so i blame them for all of what is to follow . . .

this year, i’m excited to be attending blissdom’s first event in dallas as a community leader for the writing tribe.

come and write and dance with me?

. . . now back to your regularly scheduled weekies . . .

picture of the week:


it was indeed a lovely week to live in california. i think i could get use to this. i’m adjusting to the upside down work schedule, soaking up the sun whenever it’s out, and yes, riding my bike as much as possible.

something about this new location feels set way apart.

i was just talking to a friend about the seemingly unbridled opportunity that silicon valley must pump into the water. it’s a palpable part of the atmosphere here even if you aren’t working in tech or at google or facebook. the trees get it, too. they know they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up, even if no one else thinks they could possibly make that a profession. they can do it. they can make oak happen.

i’m opening up the space to dream big dreams and watch them come to fruition. and i’m sending a little air of possibility your way, too. breathe it in, my friend.


recipe of the week:

roasted cauliflower pasta and so much more from love and lemons

if i could choose one section of the salad bar to top all my meals with, it would be the mediterranean. the feta! the sun-dried tomatoes! the basil! the lemon! this recipe has it all, PLUS cauliflower. i only wish we’d made more for leftovers.

next time!


print this! of the week:

arrested development greeting cards

i know arrested development is one of those things you either love or you hate. . .  and i looooove it. so when i saw these hilarious faux greeting cards created in an attempt to win a “gonna get a walk-on” role in the much-anticipated movie, i knew i had to share them with you all, sans postage!



words of the week:

yep, more annie dillard. this from her incredible essay “total eclipse” in teaching a stone to talk.

the mind . . . has two little tools, grammar and lexicon:
a decorated sand bucket and a matching shovel.
with these we bluster about the continents and do all the world’s work.
with these we try to save our very lives.


may your weekend find you flush with possibility, bliss, and all life-saving words


  1. Haha! Those greeting cards are awesome. I’m totally making that cauliflower dish soon, too.

    Glad we met in the registration line at Blissdom. :)

  2. I love this “…and write like hell and encourage you to just do it already…” because that’s exactly what it is. In an uplifting and amazing way.

    Can’t wait to meet you!

  3. Lol, apparently I need a session on “Not Letting Your Pinky Submit Your Comment” before you’re done adding your info.


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