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picture of the week:

i’m starting to believe that all relationships operate in their own solar system, each of us planets orbiting each other, taking our own sweet time in getting on with the getting around the sun. my friend lacy and i first entered the same solar system in college and have traversed a few treacherous asteroid belts in the following light years of friendship.

my fall in fayetteville placed me close enough to visit lacy and her new husband for the first time, so i packed up my space-traveling honda and voyaged through the burning bush of ozarks in autumn to reach them. i quickly realized that this was a serendipitous moment in our relationship, that we were finally orbiting at the same rate, able to see and hear each other on a whole new intergalactic plane of understanding. we ate crepes, dissected life with honesty and care, threw pumpkins in the air, and generally basked in the glow of a friendship 7 years in the making, coming into its own on a sunday afternoon in springfield, missouri.

i now have a greater hope that not only will we find life on another planet,
but that we will find friends.


recipe of the week:

heidi swanson’s white bean and cabbage

since i received the november issue of real simple, i’ve wanted nothing more than thanksgiving fare of every make and model. in an effort to hold off just a few more weeks on the stuffing stuff-a-thon, i went with my second favorite comfort food category – potatoes.

i dog-eared this recipe in heidi’s super natural everyday because the picture on the cover looked just so delicious. it’s surprisingly simple and not-so-surprisingly just as good as it looks. if you need step-by-step help for throwing things in a pan of oil and waiting a few minutes, i recommend steamy kitchen’s recipe review.


“why i love the internet” of the week:

arianne segerman on the simple mom podcast

podcasts are a mysterious and beautiful thing to me. the idea that someone can record a conversation between friends and then distribute it as entertainment . . . why didn’t i think of this? oh right, because i can’t listen to my voice on tape without squirming.

well, lucky for us – tsh and arianne successfully recorded just such a conversation without crawling out of their skin. ari, friend and resident simple design style goddess, has inspiring words to share on blogging, creativity, fashion, and style of all kinds. i especially love when she explains to us how cheetah print is a neutral and when she graciously namedrops yours truly and *dress for the day* around minute 13-and-a-half.

if you have an hour of chores to do, i suggest you do them in style, with these ladies for company.

weekies runner up in this category:
emojis for facebook



words of the week:

lacy shared this poem with me on my visit, and it felt like the simplest, most mind-blowing thing on earth.

from start close in, by david whyte

start close in,
don’t take the second step
or the third,
start with the first
close in,
the step you don’t want to take.



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and may your weekend be full of first steps worth taking.


  1. So thankful for serendipitous moments and delighted to be orbiting with you, friend. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing, female friendships are so sweet and I am always happy to see the “solar systems” of sisterhood happen. I cherish the few women in my life that make me feel that way.

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