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there’s so much to see on the internet.

here are some of my recent favorite finds – recipients of the short-and-sweet-i’ve-got-smarties-to-eat edition of the

dearabbyleigh “of the weekies”

picture of the week:

i have this friend, his name is miles. he’s turning 4 this weekend, and i can’t believe i ever didn’t know him.

after a big breakfast on dickson street last weekend, emily, miles & i crossed the street to check out these amazing figures woven of ash and oak and willow and elm. he was timid for about half a second before sprinting right into the darkest corners and jumping to peek from the windows within.

he was fearless, and in that moment i was certain his laughter could heal all that ails.

happy birthday miles! i’m lucky to know you.

and just think, only 363 days ’til you get to eat 4 pieces of candy after trick-or-treating!


why i love the internet of the week:


i believe you can never have too many clever people around you to make you laugh when times get tough. if you’re short on these people when you need them, this guy has some great things to say. like when he told me:

You actually looked super graceful
that time you tripped in front of everyone.

whoever this is, he knows me just a little too well.


recipe of the week:

it’s a tie!

in our fall salad to end all fall salads category we have . . .

butternut squash salad with hazelnuts and blue cheese

and closing in from the side dishes i would fight you for at thanksgiving category . . .

kelly’s garlicky green beans

i do NOT recommend making these dishes as part of the same meal. they deserve the spotlight. trust me on this one.


words of the week:

two quotes that maybe go together, or maybe they don’t?

from The Mermaid Chair by Sue Monk Kidd
(i’m reading this now and really enjoying it)

It had made me feel bereft over the immensity of the world, the extraordinary things people did with their lives—though, really, I didn’t want to do any of those particular things. I didn’t know then what I wanted, but the ache for it was palpable.

from Seven Sacred Pauses: Living Mindfully Through the Hours of the Day by Macrina Wiederkehr 

Stillness is what creates Love.
Movement is what creates Life.
To be still, yet still moving, that is everything.


feel free to award your own “of the weekies” in the comments below. they’re free!

take some time to wind your own clock back an hour this weekend,
why not steal it for something special?


  1. mmm… the mermaid chair. sue monk kidd and her words and wisdom are usually the best guide in all circumstances. :) also, forgot to mention this, but the skeleton of the mermaid chair is also kind of autobiographical for her life (from what i know of her), since she went through a similar transformation of differentiation and spiritual (and feminine) empowerment. she talks about it in “dance of the dissident daughter” as well as “when the heart waits”… and also “traveling with pomegranates”… the best solution, really, is to read them all!

  2. I love that emergency compliment site!! Hilarious. I just sent it to a few friends. :)

  3. emmaleighrose says:

    yum yum yum. these “of the weekies” are delicious through and through!!

  4. I just found you through Amber and so glad I did. Love the emergency compliment site. I read Mermaid Chair as well and really liked it but I think I’ve liked her other books better.

  5. How did I not know of emergency compliment??? HILARIOUS!!!

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