of the weekies [8]

there’s so much to see on the internet.

here are some of my recent favorite finds – recipients of my named-em-claimed-em

dearabbyleigh “of the weekies”

picture of the week:

this is the scene above my desk. since the time changed, the sun has been casting these zebra stripes through the window at just the right moment for me to notice. i hear the construction workers get going on the other side of the wall as i bring my second cup of coffee to my desk, and this is what greets me. in my fancy clipboard frame, this print from my friend andrea speaks words of mary oliver over even the littlest parts of the day.

listen – are you breathing just a little and calling it a life?

when i start to pay attention, there are scenes like this in every nook and cranny of my day. they beg me to notice. to listen. the scherenschnitte paper cutting carries the heart of a dear friend who consistently whispers this same message over the miles. listen. breathe. grow. live and do it deeply.

epiphany is too small a word for the feeling i had sitting down here this week.
it’s got me looking over my shoulder for the next streak of sun.

recipe of the week:

kale & brussels sprout salad from bon appetit

i made this early in the week to go with a cheesy delicious pasta of emily’s and i’ve been eating it every day since. super easy: chop it, mix it, eat it. super yummy if you like a little crunch and a little mustardy kick to your greens. and i do!

bon appetit, indeed!

tunes of the week:

pitch perfect: the soundtrack

turn it up. i’ve got nothing more to say about that.

why i love the internet of the week:

google poetics

you’ve done it before, right? started a search in google and been struck by the auto-fill results. how right they are! how wrong they are! how unbelievably inappropriate and hilarious they are!

it’s poetry!

and now the great tumblr has gathered together some of the best.

a favorite from the site:

and now two of my own on words:

give it a try! just no googling “google” to get to google, okay?


feel free to award your own “of the weekies” in the comments below. they’re free!

i’m packing up & heading west for a week in california to give thanks & see the pacific!
from wherever you sit, i hope you see both adventure & sweet tradition on the horizon.



  1. google poetry…I LOVE it!

  2. Love love love you

  3. I love it, google poetry!

    My favorite post was this on prayer: http://howtotalkevangelical.addiezierman.com/?p=1251
    And then my favorite video of the week was this: http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=0JM1EFNU
    And my favorite meme of the week was this: http://i.imgur.com/tFMGW.jpg

    There you have it, my nominations ;-)

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