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Some Tips On Beginning Your Information Security Career

With the science technical progress and the development in the field of information technology a great number of new things have come into the existence. Nowadays, we can communicate with anyone not only via letters when people need mostly several days in order to get an answer, but we can come into contact through voice and video chat. The Internet has become one of the greatest discoveries of the last century. Communication has become so fast that now we can send enormous amount of data at huge fast speed. We can't imagine our work today without carrying out our day to day work through emails and sharing it through the network. At the first sight sharing of files between one system to another may seem a rather easy task, but it is mostly very important that we must be aware that the information always gets to the right address. In other case it can lead to the misuse of the personal and private data. That is why providing security to the extremely precious information should be the prime task of security systems. Undoubtedly, information security is certainly a matter of prime importance nowadays. It was the major reason of the establishment a great number of institutes suggesting courses on information security training.

In the year of 2009 a very interesting observation took place and according to its results it became known that out of the 50 best jobs in the United States of America, the information technology sector took 17 slots. According to the statistics data information security jobs witnessed some of the fastest and highest job increase and development, seeing a 27% growth in jobs over the past ten years. Nevertheless, this fact should not be quite surprising since security threats and as a result more stringent regulations are constantly appearing all over the world. But let us remind the major function of information security workers. As a matter of fact, the main responsibility of information security career is generally protecting of one of the most precious aspects of any firm, company, organization or corporation - its information. What is threatening information you may ask. In fact, the threats are immeasurable: beginning from malware to hackers, ending with unsatisfied employees to natural disasters. Although the career of information security requires a lot of important irreplaceable skills, it can be very profitable, with the top Information Technology security professionals who are able to direct huge paying checks.

There is one very important and pleasant thing about an information security career - the obstacles to entry into this field are rather insignificant due to the fact that the necessary skills can be easily self-taught, especially for people who have already some inclinations for this job from their childhood. Although a formal degree in computer science is not an obligatory requirement for employment at one of the organizations, possessing one may turn out to be a major factor defining the firm's decision to employ you (more capital one venture card). Besides, be ready for a situation when some potential employers will certainly mention of your professional certification in information systems security. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that nowadays, the major barrier for beginning your career in the Security field is, undoubtedly, experience. On contemporary job market most organizations suggesting an Information Security Job require several years of experience (approximately five is desirable). This should be considered also by employees. In fact, this seems to be a bit like the chicken and the egg problem where the major question remains unsolved - how can a young specialist gain experience if he or she can't even get the job, and vice versa? So, as it was already mentioned before, you just need to make a plan.

Further you are suggested a few alternative ways you are welcome to follow in order to start your information security career:

The first way calls you for strengthening your credentials in a particular information technology career before being employed for information security jobs. Don't try to occupy some high position immediately, don't be in a hurry. For instance, you can start your career ladder from the position of a network administrator, receiving experience in methods of securing networks as well as the ways how they can be permeated. After that you are expected to move higher the career ladder and on this stage it is possible for you to become an information security engineer. Those are stages of career growth which have been taken by many specialists in the field. The main thing here is patience.

Here is the second way possible to follow in order to start your information security career. Thus, you can also choose active networking by entering a local chapter of a computer security association such as the Information Systems Security Association. You are welcome to take an active part in activities such as conferences and forums. It is important to emphasize that a big number of these organizations also provide study groups with assisting their members to earn their security certification. Usually this stage creates another dilemma which often debated among Infosec Proessionals: Is a certificate able to grant a job to a person? An objective answer to this question is no, but there is a trick in all this situation: If you have thoroughly studied the learnt material while earning a certification, not just memorizing the information in order to pass the test, you receive a starting point when getting the first Information Security job. Besides, you are demonstrating yourself as a self-learner, active person, and proactive professional of your field. And those are the qualities which are extremely necessary for the job and greatly appreciated by organizations in contemporary business life.

The third way to begin an information security career consists in the foundation your own private security consulting firm. By the way, this is the way which was chosen by a great number of former self taught hackers/crackers after they have found out that they have all the needed skills designed to do computer security. Even the fact of being convicted of a crime is not a obstacle for the further career (it may happen so that it even will help your career growth). This unpleasant accident in your life won't prevent you from getting an information security job. As practice shows, there were many of those individuals who have served jail time, nevertheless, they have luckily gone straight, rehabilitated themselves, and consequently became successful security consultants. Especially free-lance Information Technology security professionals should be looking forward to witnessing their job growth, as a great number of organizations are giving much of their Information Technology costs by outsourcing their computer security needs.

So, if you have ensured that you have the qualifications for an information security career, you are welcome to start searching for job positions online. When you become an Information Security Professional and gain some experience plus certifications, you will get an excellent opportunity to work not only in the United States of America, but also many doors will be opened for you abroad. Everything like that is easily achievable if you make an efficient plan at first. But if you don't wish to change the country of living, you will have many opportunities to be employed locally by networking through your contacts in the security association which you have entered earlier.