the dance of routine

and just like that – everything’s begun again.
penciled schedules settle into routines,
the kind with real roots that reach deep into the hard winter ground,
reaching and pointing like my rusty ballet toes,
stretching to find a form that fits the season.

just write is turning 18, weeks that is. join us!


  1. I heart your writing. So eloquent and meaningful. Can’t wait to see your FACE!

  2. Abby,

    just wanted to stop by and let you know I am SUCH a fan of your blog. Your writing is inspiring. I especially love this post. Thanks!


    • mollie! thank you so much. i just hopped over to your blog, saw an annie dillard quote and came back to say we should definitely be blog friends.

      p.s. do you remember being on some kind of YL summer staff at the same time? maybe windy gap? is that right?

      regardless, i’m grateful for your words and your reading, and look forward to catching up with your blog now!

  3. Guilty! We were definitely at windy gap together.. I some how came across your blog and realized that but didn’t think you would remember – HA! So funny, that seems like so long ago. Very cool though :) And yes, we should definitely be blog friends.

  4. Of course I love your words. Beautiful and FELT. Isn’t it good when words are felt?

    And I’m also loving the comment conversation with Mollie. Small world and totally rad and stuff.

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