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Tips On Purchasing Vintage Bathroom Accessories And Ideas Of Their Usage

If you are going to purchase a vintage bathtub for your rest room, it's advised to get matching vintage bathroom accessories as well in order to avoid too authentic old-fashioned look. When a vintage bathtub is used in combination with excellent accessories in the same theme, you will receive a complete vintage design of your bathroom.

The modern market offers a number of options to choose from, so you will easily find the vintage bathroom accessories which will best compliment the design of the bathroom. If you wish to create a modern look of what bathroom interiors looked like many years ago, you can select from many accessories specially designed for this purpose.

You won't be able to create a harmonious vintage bathroom without a good vanity tray that is used to fulfill two main functions - making a bathroom authentically old and a storage place for keeping different accessories such as glass perfume bottles, etc.

Other things used to demonstrate the old time feel and look of your bathroom are soap dispensers specially designed in this style. It can be a simply freestanding soap dispenser, or the one that needs to be built into the cabinet. But in general, the contemporary market offers a wide variety of different models of soap dispensers to add to the old time look of your rest room.

In case if you wish to remodel your bathroom to a completely new level, it's recommended to buy also such items as handheld shower faucets which have nozzles in a retro style. These things will make you think like you have entered a bathroom of the early 1900's, especially if its design is complimented with retro-styled towel racks and mirrors.

The modern market will provide you with anything you may need - either some tiny unique items for your bathroom in order to make your house look and feel authentic, or a large set of such things as vintage bathtubs which will completely change the look of your bathroom. The latter will look old styled but you're going to like its new appearance. By the way you're going to have much fun while shopping for vintage items nowadays. Maybe you will find some vintage things not only for a bathroom but also for other parts of your house. And you may be inspired to create a vintage looking house, who knows. Buying an ideal set of vintage items, you will be able to make your bathroom so old-fashioned that your guests will feel like they have jumped into another era.

Many designers claim that the themes for bathrooms change every decade or so. Homeowners have a wonderful opportunity to purchase various design accessories and lighting fixtures in the local stores. Many of these people prefer following the current trends and immediately start changing their bathrooms. But more serious and creative homeowners may not only wish to change the style of their bathroom as a whole but also install a Vintage Bathtub in this room.

Many homeowners like the Victorian style and choose to have it in their bathroom. And it has to be mentioned that the vintage look is very suitable for this theme. You will like the combination of wood and porcelain with regards to different bathroom accessories. A good example of this is an antique porcelain sink and a wooden vanity chest.

You will get a wonderful look in your bathroom if you install on the wall a mirror framed in wood. A two-part vintage toilet will offer an authentic look to the bathroom especially if it has a chain to be pulled when used. This type of toilet will provide your rest room with a Victorian touch and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the decor you have chosen for your home.

As for the floors choose polished wooden plank ones which will be perfectly combined with the vintage claw foot bathtub on them. It's better to choose wide planks and to use sealant between them to resist moisture.

By the way, instead of wood the homeowners can use white tiles in a hexagonal shape. These tiles will perfectly contrast with any wooden accessories in the bathroom. You can also consider the use of white and black marble squares for your flooring that will look like the one from the twenties. Compliment this floor with a vintage border with flowers.

Finally, in the nineteen fifties many homeowners used to install aqua blue, green, or pink bathtubs, toilets, and sinks. In this period the pink color was widely used in the bathroom. The walls were painted in a color according to that of the fixtures. The same color can be used for painting the floor.

Summing up, it's important to say that all these tips will help you to create a really Vintage Bathroom. Remember to select the best vintage bathroom accessories.