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Trident Technical College Is A Considerable Constituent Part Of South Caroline Technical College System

There is a great variety of higher educational establishments which make up the so called South Carolina Technical College System. One of those colleges is Trident Technical College which is situated in Charleston, state South Carolina, in the United States of America. This institute serves such cities of South Carolina as Charleston, Dorchester and Berkeley. In order to assist students to achieve their aims, Trident Technical College suggests a wide variety of curriculum programs including agriculture, arts, business and sciences, computer technology, industrial technology, engineering technology, health sciences and public service. The students studying at Trident Technical College reach for the necessary knowledge as well as skills from a great number of subjects. Those subjects are directed not only towards giving education in the particular field, but also to give and improve the interaction and objective thinking skills which will be of great help not only for the future profession but also in the whole person's life.


Approximately 12,000 students graduate from Trident Technical College with associate's degrees as well as technical associate degrees, certificates and diplomas each semester. Trident Technical College has a few campuses. The major one of them is situated at 7000 Rivers Avenue, North Charleston, SC 29406. There is also the Palmer campus which is situated at 66 Columbus St. Charleston, SC 29403. Berkeley Campus and St. Paul Parish Site Campus also belong to Trident Technical College.

Programs Provided

Trident Technical College provides the students with a great variety of different programs. Some of them are as follows apllied science, Aeronautical Studies, culinary arts, business technology, visual arts, community family, hospitality, child studies, law, mathematics, film media, nursing, tourism, as well as science. The major subjects suggesting degrees which have become the most widely-chosen by students involve visual as well as performing arts, public administration, physical science, security as well as protective service, business, personal as well as culinary services, communication as well as journalism, management as well as marketing etc. As a matter of fact, Trident Technical College also suggests broadened programs in the field of health.

Brief History

The Trident Technical College was founded with the unification of Berkeley Charleston-Dorchester Technical Education Center and the Palmer College. This great event took place in 1973. Berkeley center was presented by only two buildings in 1964, but in 1973 the number of buildings was extended, and as a result Trident College was formed. Soon, in 1982 Berkeley campus appeared and in 1986 Palmer campus was also joined. During the years of 1993 and 1994 approximately 147 acres of territory were bought not far from downtown of Charleston in order to provide the college and its campuses with the necessary area. In the year of 2005 a system for economic prospering was constituted. And in 2008 St. Paul's Parish site campus was built.

Uniqueness of The Trident Technical College

The Trident Technical College owns a great number of unique features. They are as follows:

* independent study,
* Accelerated program,
* distance learning,
* cross registration,
* double major,
* double registration for high school students,
* internship,
* ESL (English as a Second Language).


Trident Technical College considers that the rules of admission should be clear and transparent. The students are free to come from other colleges as well as to change Trident Technical College into another higher educational establishment. As a matter of fact, grades from SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) and ACT (American College Testing) are of great importance.

Student Support

A lot of broadened kinds of disability maintenance are suggested by the Trident Technical College. Besides, the institution offers much help in developing the necessary skills, remedial instructions, as well as tutoring and counseling in different spheres. Counseling unites different sorts of assistance, for instance, adult student services, in alcohol and drugs abuse. There is also career and academic counseling which helps students with the future career choice. As for an employment service it is of great help for students who cannot find a job themselves. If you are interested in the questions of student support, you are welcome to look or details on a home website belonging to Trident Technical College where you will find the college directory.

Financial Aids

Trident Technical College provides its students with local, state, federal grants, as well as grants offered by the college. Scholarships and loans for studying are also available to students. Different kinds of financial help are asked by students with the usage of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form. By the way, students who are already studying at the college, also have the right to apply for a financial help. Look for more information on the home website of the Trident Technical College.