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Underfloor Heating: History, Advantages, Practical Use

The summer has already finished, it's autumn now and people are slowly starting to think about making their homes warm before real colds. Despite the fact that due to the greenhouse effect winters in the Northern Hemisphere are becoming milder with each year, there is no guarantee that they will be completely free of strong frosts this year. So, it's recommended to prepare your home for the approaching winter. By the way, last winter a few British pensioners died because of the extremely low temperatures. Besides, the citizens of the UK are experiencing the cost 50% increase for fuel. The government has recently implemented severe measures to avoid last-winter problems.

Because of the constantly increasing costs for electricity and gas, homeowners are looking more fuel-efficient and economical heating options. One of such options is, undoubtedly, underfloor heating that is becoming more and more popular among homeowners and business owners alike.

History OF Underfloor Heating in Brief

Even though most of people consider this type of heating to be rather recent, it was invented many years ago. In fact, the invention of underfloor heating dates back to the prehistoric era. Those communities who used to live in extremely low-temperature conditions, directed hot smoke through the underfloor cavities, just like the inhabitants of contemporary Northern Asia and Alaska do. This smoke proved to effectively heat the floors heating all parts of the house in this way.

Later, this idea was developed by the Romans who used to create a heating system based on hypocausts that is translated as "heat from below". Instead of smoke, this system used hot steam and air to heat the floors and walls.

The Advantages of Having Underfloor Heating at Home

Despite the fact that the modern market offers a great variety of heating systems, underfloor heating is notable for a number of advantages. First of all, it's more economical in comparison with the traditional heating systems, for example. In reality, you will save up to 15-40% of your money of heating your home with underfloor heating than with a radiator-based system. Besides, installation costs of this system are also lower.

Secondly, it has to be mentioned that the heat provided by an underfloor system can virtually reach every corner of a house. If we speak about radiators, they concentrate the heat only nearby, so it can't reach other parts of the house leaving them cold.

Thirdly, underfloor heating removes all the hassles connected with radiators, such as excessive moisture levels, maintenance, and wasted space.

Practicality of the Systems

Modern underfloor heating systems are represented by two types: electricity-based and water-based. Installation of both types is extremely easy, especially if it takes place in newly-built homes. The benefit of these systems is that they can be combined with the majority of boilers. But since different homes have different heating requirements, it's necessary to pick the right combination of underfloor type, underlay, and installation system. Consider whether you're going to use a carpet on the floor as well. If yes, be aware of the fact that rooms with carpets need more time to get heated with an underfloor heating system. It should be remembered that no matter that electric-based underfloor heating systems are cheaper to install, they are also more expensive to use and maintain.