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What You Need to Know about Frameless Glass Shower Doors

If you have decided to install a new glass shower door, there are two basic options for you to choose from. Thus, you can either stop your choice on the framed appearance of the door or get a unique look of your bathroom with a frameless variant. Both of these options are nice, nevertheless, these are frameless shower doors that perfectly add a modern look to a bathroom.

What are frameless glass shower doors? Well their name completely describes their look and operation. They are manufactured from a thick list of glass and are created in such a way to block a bathroom from possible water that usually sprays out of the shower cabin. These doors are attached directly to the shower and are deprived of any frame around the edge. The good news about frameless shower doors is that they are made of heavy duty glass. It can vary in thickness depending on your needs and desire. Thus, you can get a door that is 1/2 inch thick or even 3/8 of an inch. These doors' sides are clean and beveled. They are either placed on a track or are hinged.

Despite the fact that frameless glass shower doors have relatively recently entered the modern market, they are represented in a great variety of types each of which stands out for its unique structure and design. They can be produced from glass that is transparent, clouded, distorted, or etched. The glass can also have any of numerous designs.

The greatest advantage of a glass door is that it can perfectly match in any decor of bathroom. Besides, you can find diverse etchings in the glass for it to better match the general style. To add you bathroom a more contemporary look you are recommended to purchase the transparent glass door. A patterned glass gives a more traditional feel.

Choosing a proper frameless glass shower door, be aware of the fact that these doors are usually more expensive than traditional framed doors, but it doesn't mean that they are not safe. On the contrary, these doors offer a number of beneficial advantages. First of all, frameless doors will immediately increase your home's value, so that you will be able to sell it for a higher price in time. Secondly, it may sound surprising but these doors are more durable than framed doors. Thirdly, frameless door require maintenance and have no parts for you to worry about. These doors are not difficult to clean. Everything you'll need to do is to wash them with clean soapy water and in a few minutes you door will get a brand-new look again. It's also advised to spray a glass shower door with a special after shower cleaner that will help to preserve the initial beauty of the glass. You should also have a special cloth to wipe off remains of soap and hard water from the glass. Remember that when soap gets dry it significantly ruins the attractiveness of your door and bathroom.

It's important to say a few words about the safety of frameless glass shower doors. Despite the fact that they are made of glass they are completely safe, so you may not be worried about your child playing near such a door. Even if your kid throws a heavy toy against the glass it won't break as it's strengthened with special technology. So, benefit from this type of a door for many years to come!