walkabout, part 4

well friends, may is winding down . . .  and with it my walkabout story.

all month, i’ve been telling pieces of the last year or so of my life – my accidental pilgrimage – as the pilgrim in residence at A Sacred Journey.

together we’ve journeyed from northwest arkansas to california to home-sweet-nashville, tennesseee.

you’d think i’d be tired of traveling by now, but this week is a real adventure – my first trip to london!


 It wasn’t until the last moving box found a home under my bed in Nashville, that I felt myself begin to exhale. August to August and over 5,000 miles between – my year of transition was finally over . . . 

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walkabout, part 3

ready or not, it’s time for another chapter of my walkabout story.

in the month of may, i’ve taken up shop at A Sacred Journey - where my friend lacy has awarded me the title pilgrim in residence. each thursday, i’m telling a chapter in the story of the last year or so and my accidental pilgrimage to find myself.

so far i’ve made it to northwest arkansas and all the way to california.

this week, i’m heading home to nashville.


I don’t remember what prompted my sudden act of boldness. I just remember sitting on the edge of the bed in a towel, still dripping from the shower, rocking back and forth in tears. I’d been in Palo Alto about six months, and I’d just booked a one-way ticket to Nashville. I wasn’t coming back without an answer, one way or the other. I was crying because I knew what the answer might be. 

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