dress for the day: bloopers and skinny jeans from emily carter

welcome to wednesday, when we let the construction workers next door laugh at us all they want while we choose to:

dress for the day you want to have,
not the one that’s trying to have you.

today and every wednesday, i invite you to link arms, blogs, and instagrams in solidarity. here’s to setting the tone for the days we desire with the clothes we pull from the closet!

today’s special guest is my roommate while on walkabout in fayetteville. a friend i wouldn’t know nor live across the living room from if it weren’t for this wonderful world of blogging. emily and i met at a blog conference in 2010 and have been fast friends every since. she tells the best stories on her blog, emily wanders, and when she laughs i just can’t feel anything but joy.

some people just get me. emily is one of them. she’s also a ginormous reason dress for the day ever graduated from idea school. she takes my pictures most weeks and does a pretty fabulous job if i do say so myself. i’ll let her tell her story, and then i want to tell you a little more about our photo-taking shenanigans.

meet emily carter of emilywanders.com.

I haven’t been the best about participating in Dress for the Day, but I’ve had so much fun being Abby’s main photographer (if you’ll allow me to use that title loosely).

This fall I’ve been on the hunt for a good pair of skinny jeans to wear with my beloved boots. Now, I know that pretty much every store carries skinny jeans these days, but finding a good fitting pair? Well that’s been like hunting for the holy grail.

Top:: Loft // Black skinnies:: Loft // Boots:: Dillard’s Clearance last winter //
Necklace:: Unexpected Expectancy (similar)

I am SUPER petite, but also a little bit curvy, so that was complicating my search. I was very excited to find this black pair at Ann Taylor Loft this weekend. Score. Paired with a looser sweater in a pretty color and my favorite found-em-on-80%-off-boots and this is a comfy, but still teacher-appropriate look.

Also, after borrowing Abby’s pocket watch necklace on a regular basis, I finally bought myself one. I love it so much.

emily deserves a ’round of applause, and not just for finding the perfect skinny jean.

she also manages to get some not-so-excruciatingly-terrible photos out of me nearly every week. here is a peek at what she has to deal with:

i am perhaps the worst poser in history. i smile too big or not enough and i . . . never . . . know what to do . . . with my hands.

sometimes we try to get out of the backyard for pictures, hoping it will stifle my awfulness:

oh don’t mind me, i’m just leaning against this rock bridge . . . not weird at all.

or i’ll jump around to get the nervous out and end up looking like this:

if tyra asks, this is my “signature pose” – i call it spazzercize.

just keeping it real. having your picture taken on a regular basis is a draining ordeal, to be sure, but i feel a little more comfortable every time. thanks to emily for putting up with me, and for sharing her story today. (what she’s not sharing is how great her butt looks in those jean, knowhati’msayin’?).

skinny jeans are like cinderella’s slipper,
where did you find your perfect fit?

my prince charmings are from urban – high waisted and so fly i just went back for a second pair!

if you’re into buttons, feel free to grab this one, and link up a post or a photo that tells your story below. feel free to link up anytime during the week, and look for a new dress for the day story each wednesday. even if you don’t link up – join me throughout the week on twinstagram (twitter +instagram) by using this hashtag:



  1. Yay for a great skinny jean find. I’m still on the hunt,either they fit the waist and nothing else or they fit everything but the waist.

    And Abby,when taking pictures, I wish I could remove my hands. They’re like flippers!

  2. I can’t find a good pair of skinny jeans either. I usually cheat and wear capris tucked into my tallest boots. People have said that it looks nice, but I know the difference.

  3. emmaleighrose says:

    If only I looked that good leaning on a rock bridge. I’ve also concluded that your new Emily and I are kindred spirits. Good thing we now all have our own pocket watch necklaces!!

  4. spazzercise . . . snort! you both are darling.

  5. super petite doesn’t even begin to explain it. ;-)

    love you both!!!

  6. you guys are so cute! love you both!

  7. i totally giggled when i saw spazzercise. that’s awesome. my skinnies are a 1969 pair from GAP that i found at the thrift store, however i’m not so skinny as that pair of jeans anymore so i need to pay full price to just go up a size. ahem :-)

  8. EMILY! You look DARLING. That color is nothing but genius on you.

    Abby – love your outtakes. Posing is seriously the WORST. Look away from the camera or look straight on? Knee bent or both knees straight? Pigeon-toed or normal foot pose? WHAT DO I DO WITH MAH HANDS? For whatever it’s worth, you always look darling to me. ;)

  9. First: You are so not awful. You’re darling.

    Second: Thanks for complimenting my butt on the internet! No really. I think that’s a first for me! :D

    Third: That spazzersize picture is my favorite thing ever.

  10. oh skinny jeans… or jeans in general… talk about a love hate relationship!! My favorites are currently from Garage I think… and H&M actually. Love their clothes in general! and the whole getting your picture taken… yeah I’m with you. I can NEVER figure out what to do with my hands!!!

  11. i love this outfit! you look great abby! what a cute post this week… xoxo

  12. I wore LOFT petite denim in my post this week, too! :) They really are awesome.


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